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Change Wars 2019 

Change Wars is our annual fundraising campaign that lasts from April to June.  This was our 9th year, and in the past 9 years we have raised over $50,000.  This money has been used to send our youth to Summer Camp, support missionary work, and support missions in Third World countries.  This year the money raised will go towards remodeling the exterior of the church.

The results are in and the boys narrowly defeated the girls this year with a total of over $4,000 raised.  The losers got pies in the face, but the boys volunteered to get pies in the face as well.  What good sports they are!

Each year we pit the boys against the girls with captains Mark & Reba Smithson choosing members to make up their team.  This year's teams were as seen in the image below.

Change Wars 2019 (4).png

Change Wars concluded June 10th with the girls coming out victorious!  We raised over $2300 for Missions!  Great job, everyone!

Change Wars 2018 began April 8th.  For the months of April and May we will be having a special fund raising drive for various missions projects including:  Africa, Romania, Ukraine, sending kids to Youth Camp, and our outreach ministry at Pitt Chapel.  It will be the boys against the girls, and the team that raises the most money will get to put pies in the faces of the losers.  Let your spare change make a BIG change!

Team Mark

Team Reba


Total Raised as of June 3rd


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